Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Lotto Master Formula Review – Good or Bad System

Is this Lotto Master Formula lottery system the real deal or just another junk system based on analysing past results which are very common and very useless. Here’s the latest scoop on this lottery system developed by Garry g that claims it will give you a 78.9% accuracy for the small winnings and 66.2% accuracy for jackpot winnings, we simply find these claims very hard to believe.

Garry G is the new kid on the block…oh wait no the system has been around foe a while in many copy cat versions selling the exact same product? Okay, let me rephrase that then. Garry G is another alias made up to sell his poor lottery past results system (which by the way are all essentially the same). This one is called ‘Lotto Master Formula’, and before I get into all the fallacies on his sales page, I’d like to point out the outrageous claims this system has. 78.9% chance of winning small prizes and a ridiculous 66.2% chance of winning the Jackpots, which is simply Not True!
Now Gary tells us a childhood story via audio on his website. This story details how he was always great with numbers and that his mother once told him “Gary, one day you’re going to be working for NASA”. Well Gary, I’d be much happier if you were in outer space instead of littering the Internet everyday trying to sell a system that does virtually nothing as advertised. And if you are soooo good with numbers, then why not make up more believable odds than 66.2% chance of winning Jackpot. Here’s where it gets interesting. Gary says he has won the Jackpot Twice, which theoretically means he’s played the lottery 3 times. Gary you are a MASTER! He wins because of his so called ‘incredible’ system that uses associated methods. Stop right there. When you hear that, GTFO. Associated methods actually means the system uses many or all of the same techniques as common other trash systems that do nothing to win lottery games.
Now let’s dissect Garry’s proofs of winning on his sales page. He has three testimonials with pictures, all of them are proven fakes. All the silly testimonials are again fakes and have been switch around and replaced as people reported they were fakes! Gary simply took the pictures off any website of his choice and used them as his own to sell his product, which is illegal and should be reported to the FTC.

Next is his “proof” for a winning Lotto Max ticket. This picture doesn’t show a winning ticket, it shows a results ticket, where he just circled what he supposedly won to fool you! Nice try Gary. All of the winning tickets that are real were not won by his system. Lots of highly suspect claims in the sales letter, and a couple of very obvious lies too. Way to many people giving reviews reporting the system wins nothing and many also report not getting a guaranteed refund, their money was lost and Garry G put it into his pockets. Also be very careful of affiliate reviews for this lottery system they all lie as they want commision sales. 

Just listen to the nonsense Garry G tells you to do:

Firstly you will need to get my playing system. You can’t do anything without it. After you have it, let’s say you you’ll do it this way:
1.    You take a $10 or $20 ticket and choose the numbers exactly as I show you.
2.    You double check and make sure you didn’t screw something up
3.    You place the ticket
4.    Wait for the extraction
5.    You probably win a few hundred first time you play, then thousands and why not the BIG JACKPOT.
6.    You repeat the process until you win even more.

Ya right Garry! Then were are all the winners? There are NONE!

Now with this out of the way, of course there are some lottery systems that are legit and do actually win lottery games. One of the highest rated systems in the world is the Lotto Guy Lottery system. This system has no affiliates selling it, it actually wins lottery games and was just recently voted in 2012 as the worlds best lottery system for all pick 5 and pick 6 lottery games. The system was not developed by just some guy or marketer as Garry G and his Lotto Master formula system, No, it was developed by real University techs, using real data analysis to create a very unique 3 step system that gives real winning results, there simply is no better system, it is the real deal!